Gabe Franco is a husband, community servant, technology nerd, and proud dog dad. He is Chief Legal Officer of LatinoXRadio, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit technology startup, and Jeff's Camp, a New Jersey Not for Profit Corporation dedicated to building homes and otherwise serving homeless veterans. Gabe  believes that it's everyone's duty to try and make the world a better place. He volunteers for many worthy causes that serve disadvantaged communities and is a strong advocate for animal welfare. He is also a political activist attorney for voting rights and campaign finance reform.


Gabe is married to the love of his life, Dimple, a registered nurse and together, they share a home in Mystic Islands, New Jersey with their dog Russel. 



Growing up in poverty didn't afford Gabe the opportunity to study music formally, but he taught himself to play classical piano on an old spinet piano his family owned. A sample of his improvisation is available on Soundcloud at the Link below.



Gabe volunteers for and supports organizations such as Represent.US to promote passage of the American Anti Corruption Act in its entirety. He also volunteers to represent voters in court during the election season to ensure that everyone who has a right to vote in Ocean County is able to do so. As a home owner and resident of Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, he helped institute apolitical community service programs such as the bi-annual "We Love Our Great Bay" community clean up day and is a candidate for municipal office. 

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During summers as an undergraduate, Gabe served as a humanitarian aid missionary to some of the poorest parts of the poorest countries on the Western Hemisphere including Haiti, villages within the Amazon Rainforests of Peru, and elsewhere. Since then he  loves to adventure travel with his wife, Dimple. Aside from travel, during his free time Gabe enjoys classic car auto restoration, mountain biking, tinkering with electronics, and multi-media artistry. He's a member of the Computer History Museum and an advocate for right to repair and open source software.