The most fundamental principle of democracy is that the people decide who their representatives are and those representatives in turn listen to their constituents, but this election cycle illustrates just how broken our current system is because the people don't even get to choose their own leaders. During the most recent primary, exit polling was off from the official vote count by such wide margin that in other modern democratic nations the same results would have invalidated the election as a matter of law.  But because in our nation politics has become so corrupted, instead of investigating the disparity, our leaders chose to cease exit polling. Things like this have led to a dissatisfaction with partisan control in our government that has never been higher and a growing percentage of Americans have come to justifiably mistrust our State based electoral process.

Ultimately, this growing mistrust is because of partisan involvement in facilitating elections and even the Federal Elections Commission itself is gridlocked between Democrats and Republicans. To correct this we need to end the corrupting influence of money in politics and place non-partisan institutions in control of managing our elections and conducting debates.


Up until 1988 the League of Women Voters conducted the presidential debates but the major parties made an unconscionable list of demands from the League including selecting debate questions and the ouster of third parties and Independents.  When The League refused, the two parties created "The Commission on Presidential Debates" and solidified a partisan duopoly that effectively shuttered all others from participating, and convinced a majority of Americans that we only have two choices in any given election.  This allowed special interests to invest in the two parties to get what they wanted instead of having to convince the electorate and also created the reality television show that the 2016 elections have been.

But besides the issues of corruption in campaign finance, our system is also broken on a technical level.  Politicians are allowed to politically gerrymander (draw district map lines with the sole intent of disenfranchising specific groups of people), enact heavy handed voter ID laws and procedurally throw millions of Americans out of the political process.  These and other political games need to end. 

I will propose and support legislation that changes how elections are conducted, bans political gerrymandering, automatically registers Americans upon turning 18 and amends the Voting Rights Act to otherwise prevent unfair and un-American voter suppression.