Gabe Franco is an attorney and political activist dedicated to campaign finance reform and making Congress represent regular working Americans instead of political and economic elites. He’s experienced in law, private sector business and uplifting impoverished communities.

After graduating law school, Gabe entered the business world and was entrusted with a multi-million dollar real estate company where he increased profits and halved expenses, all while increasing employees’ wages and benefits. While working in Atlantic City he also worked with community leaders, law enforcement and members of the community to dramatically reduce crime and increase the quality of life for residents living in the “back-Maryland” area of the city.

Believing that he could better help people as an attorney, Gabriel left the firm to become an officer of the court and founded Zealous Law Group in 2015. Most recently he worked with other attorneys across the state to ensure that everyone who was entitled to vote, was able to cast a ballot regardless of their party affiliation or candidate of choice.

Outside of his professional life, Gabe has committed himself to public service having held office and membership in several charitable organizations, having served as humanitarian aid missionary, and continues to volunteer as a political activist and an interfaith Community Chaplain. He additionally serves on the Board of Friends in Action; a community activist NGO that serves residents of Atlantic City and surrounding townships and includes hosting monthly food banks, providing goods and services to the needy and conducting annual job training where residents learn essential trade skills and then graduate with a guaranteed job offer.

          “I grew up in a poor immigrant household, but also one that  

           fostered hard work, strong family values, charity and service. 

           Those values have followed me throughout my life in everything

           I have done.”  


Gabe Franco is the best candidate to represent New Jersey's second district because in addition to his leadership, business and community development experience, Gabriel will bring uncompromising integrity to Congress and fight tirelessly to make Congress work for regular Americans. He was one of the first signers of the Equal Voice for All Pledge and will never favor lobbyists or personal gain over his commitment to the American People.