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Today as city workers were taking down a controversial Confederate monument in St. Louis, they found a time capsule dating back to 1915. The story made me think about how my generation is probably the last to ever really appreciate them or wonder about how people from before their time lived day-to-day. I mean if you’re twenty or thirty something you probably have memories about time capsules being dug up in your community or you might have even buried a few yourself as part of a school project, but with the internet, little remains unpreserved. Everything is recorded and cataloged forever in real time and with that, any wonderment at discovering how folks lived in the relatively recent past is lost to next generations. In five hundred years there aren’t likely going to be any archaeologists investigating how folks in the ‘oughts got on because all of it will be online.

I was thinking about the subject because yesterday I found my own time capsule of sorts. While rummaging through storage bins in the basement I found an old hard drive I'd put away six or seven years ago and forgotten all about. I hooked it up to my laptop and found thousands of old photos, files, programs and even some old music I'd written from as far back as 2005. Twelve years might not sound like that much time but for perspective, in ’05 Gmail didn’t exist, the iPhone wasn’t a thing, and President G Dubya was still on his first term.

Here’s a bit of what I found:

Music – 2005: I lost my dog Foxworthy that year. I bought myself a piano after he passed and found that hammering away at it made for great therapy. In fact during my law school days when most of my friends were decompressing at the bars before or after exams, I was almost always at the University Chapel banging away on a 10' grand they kept at its center. The chapel is an enormous empty hall that made for great acoustics. I loved that place.

Anyway I put the recordings on Soundcloud for anyone who likes piano instrumentals or might want to have a listen. I put a creative commons license on it so feel free to stream, download, share, use in videos, burn-to-disc or whatever. Please give me a shout on twitter if you appreciate any of it (@HeyGabeFranco). :)



Photos – 2010. Most of the photos I found were from camera SD card back-ups. I haven’t gone through all of them yet (There are more than five-thousand). But the ones shared here are from 2010: my last year of law school. My best and the closest friend I’ll ever have other than my one-day wife drove out from Jersey to visit. Shenanigans ensued.


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