Pwnd (rhymes with owned): "To completely get the better of", or in cyber security contexts, to make your data, my data.

So have my accounts been compromised? Nope, not mine, not yet, but have yours?

Let's face it. Way too many folks are lax about online security and I'm not just talking about granny who just doesn't know any better. Folks like Target, Adobe, LinkedIN, Tumblr and way too many other big fish have all had major data breaches putting netizens at risk to everything from identity theft to bank fraud ($12bn lost in 2016 alone). So are you at risk? You should find out.

Security Blogger and Microsoft Regional Director Troy Hunt compiled a 5+ gigabyte list of passwords taken from known data breaches and made a searchable database to see what passwords are compromised. Visit ( to see if your passwords are on the list and if you find ‘em, change ‘em! Because even if you haven’t noticed any shenanigans with your accounts it only takes a tiny bit of technical know-how for ne'er-do-wells to create rootkits that can cycle through that list at ludicrous speed.

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